Friday, March 05, 2010

Election Dreams

By Nick

Politicians make people dream during elections and give them nightmares once they are in office. This has always been the case but why do we hold on to the dream? Are Filipinos still asleep? Yes!

Let us wake up. No matter who gets elected, our lives would still be the same. Graft and corruption will still be there. Poverty will still be there. Pollution will still be there. Population explosion will still happen. Power shortage will still be there. Prices will still go up. Justice will still be for the rich. Heinous crimes will still be there. Why? Simple. Political dynasties and warlords will still be there. They will still be in control of the lives of the people especially the poor. What will the poor get? Empty promises and dole-outs at the most. Keep their hopes alive until the next election.

Why are the barangays roads better during elections? Why are there so many government projects during elections? Why are improvements undertaken during elections? Why are those not in the administration promising a better future? It is because getting elected is what matters. Once the incumbents get reelected, life will still be the same. Once the challengers get elected, expect their ROI moves.

Shall we go on dreaming? Or, shall we go ahead with striving to make our lives better in spite of whoever gets elected. If we don’t give importance to politicians, things will be very different for us. Citizens in progressive countries don’t mind political ads. They only mind the character and personalities of government officials and candidates for different positions in government.

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