Monday, March 01, 2010

A New Threat to Candidates: Weather and Heat

Political candidates are risking their lives as they vie for various positions in the land. The threats are coming from almost everyone: they have to deal with their opponents who might try to end their life just to win, some bandits who just want some money for "protection" and even a random accident along the way. This is especially true for national candidates as they try to visit various places in the country. Our flying coffins a.k.a. planes and helicopters can end their life.

But something is out there that threatens the life of a candidate: the sun. El NiƱo is here and he has taken off his gloves in an official boxing tournament. He doesn't joke around from 8am to 5pm. Stay under the sun for 4 hours without any cover and you're fried. Don't think that you'll be safe simply because you have an umbrella, a cap or a sun-visor. These are only shadows and the sun's heat will still be there. If you're not healthy, you can bet your life (literally) that this is your last election.

If you think you will be safe even under this tremendous heat (which I doubt), think of your followers. Some are very old and very frail so staying under the heat of the sun just to listen to your speech for hours can be lethal.

So for everyone's safety, here are my tips:

* Give out caps, bottled water and umbrella with your name on it - I highly recommend the first two because they are very inexpensive. A small bottled water is just 8 pesos and a cap could cost no more than 20 pesos.

* Set-up first aid huts in your sorties and other festivities - this set-up will be helpful to everyone. If you have the money (I'm sure you have) set-up first aid stalls in festivities. March and April are fiesta months so grab the opportunity.

* Start your sorties late in the afternoon - start at 5.30 pm or 6 in the evening. This means your sortie should last for 3 hours max since 9pm is already late and people will be hungry or homesick (hehehe).

Please consider these options : This year's national and local election has fierce blend of nature so you don't just get out and say your platforms. Protect the people that supports you because they are no use if they die of heatstroke.

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