Thursday, March 04, 2010

Finally Common Sense Wins in Supreme Court - But Damage is Already Done

A few months ago, the Supreme Court (SC) issued a decision that "favors" appointed officials. Instead of automatic resignation upon filing of CoCs, they still should resign, terminated by the President or win the election. If none of these happens, they stay in power - even if they are running for a government position. Upon hearing this news, I decided that it's a "WTF-moment" for the SC. They should have used their common sense instead of deliberately ignoring the consequences of their decisions.

Fortunately, they have reversed the said decision. This means the appointed employees by the government are now considered resigned. What's even better is that COMELEC would go after the candidates who will not remove themselves from their office.

I wish they have used their common sense before the historic 8-6 vote to allow government officials to abuse their power to gain the votes of the people. Yes, it can be argued that some candidates are still good at heart and may not abuse what they have. But giving them power and not using them to gain votes is like giving someone a gun, place their finger on a trigger, tickle them incessantly but reminding them not to use the gun because it's against the law. Like a gun toting ticklish maniac, government officials who stay in power after filing their CoCs will surely pull the trigger - and it's aimed at us.

But I think the damage is already done. Too much power were already given to these candidates. They will gladly step down now because they have already used their power to gain every vote they can. I just hope I'm wrong on this one or else our country will suffer more.

For the SC…please consult a common sense oracle before making decisions like this one.

For the candidates who don't want to step down after filing CoCs, please don't be drunk with power. People may kiss your as* but the world knows how you abuse your power.

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