Monday, March 15, 2010

Why this Election is Fatal to Everyone

There I said it: this election can kill everyone. In the coming weeks before the election and the first few months afterward is a very dangerous chapter of our history. If you make it alive next year reading my blog, I just I hope I’m also well enough to write quirky things for the world to read.

So now you ask: how come this election fatal to everyone? I know there’s violence from the goons and lunatics of the political candidates but that can be easily avoided: simply stay away from politics (also, read my blog). But I’m not talking about that danger, we are facing something more sinister and fatal that without swift action, death to those who can’t face the challenges will come.

Unfortunately, election came in one of the most trying times in our country. El Niño couldn’t have arrived in a much worst situation. In just a few weeks, farmers were brought to its knees and everyone felt the searing heat of the sun. Personally, I have never experienced this temperature before. I have two personal experiences why we are experiencing record breaking heat:

• My laptop can’t take it anymore – I need help. I have to purchase a brand new laptop because this one is going into white screen more than six times a day. Before the searing heat, my laptop only goes to unexplained white screen once in two days. (Donations – please follow the link on paypal :) ).

• It’s too hot outside – Every time I go home, I have this terrible headache that only wanes after four hours. The sun’s heat (even at 5pm) is still unbearable.

So how come nature is mentioned in politics which can kill us? Because this disaster will be exploited at our disadvantage:

• There is still bickering about the “emergency state” since some will see this as a chance to exploit the poor. This is true and they will delay their funding. Worst, the funding will only be given to those who kiss the politician’s *ss in the coming election. So with the searing heat – farmers and people who stand by their principles are left to rot or wither under the sun.

• The blackout in Mindanao is getting a lot worst. Eight hours of rotating blackouts will put me out of business. Imagine small hospitals and even government hospitals that can’t support this type of power challenges. People will die everyday because there is no solution or no solution was made to prevent this problem.

I don’t know what we can do about this. I tried staying in the mall for more than eight hours but I can’t do anything in that place – besides, it’s too expensive there.

How about you? Any thoughts on how we can survive? Please…

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