Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three OBVIOUS Reasons Why Party List Should be Abolished (Part 1)

When the party list system was introduced back in 1998, it was a revolutionary idea that I believed it would help people. I was in high school then and many people explained to me that it’s a chance for the marginalized people to have a voice.

But after 12 years…none. So consider this as my official statement AGAINST the party list system. I did some research and I even have more to complain! Here is my first of the three part problem with the party list system:

First Reason: The Party List is Veiled in Secrecy

By law, party list groups are not required to reveal the names of their candidates. This statement alone makes me angry and highly doubtful about the party list system.

Why is this you ask? Any aspiring party that wants to be accredited are not required naming their candidates. Only AFTER accreditation they will be compelled to name names. Do you know what this means? This simply means anyone can “shop” for an accredited party list.

COMELEC actually tries to avoid this problem by only allowing candidates that came from the same category. For example, if you’re representing the fishermen – you have to be a fisherman. But here’s the kicker:

Sec. 9, RA 7941 the nominee is not necessary someone poor or the traditional idea of a fisherman. The nominee is not necessarily someone who “wallow in poverty, destitution and infirmity as there is no financial status required in the law. It is enough that the nominee of the sectoral party/organization/coalition belongs to the marginalized and underrepresented sectors, that is, if the nominee represents the fisherfolk, he or she must be a fisherfolk, or if the nominee represents the senior citizens, he or she must be a senior citizen.” This simply means any billionaire could be part of a party list as long as a he has a small business within the same industry.

“Shopping” for a party list is actually possible no one really knows the nominees.

Stay tuned for the second part.

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