Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three OBVIOUS Reasons Why Party List Should be Abolished (Part 2)

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The second reason why I don’t like the current party list system is the sheer lack of knowledge of us regular folks. I think the only people who know about the party list procedures are those who are running or involved in a party list. Here’s the common knowledge about the party list – during elections a bunch of groups representing certain people are running for congress. With enough votes they will win. That’s what we know.

So what’s lacking from our basic knowledge?

• We are not sure who represents whom.
• We’re not sure what “enough votes” mean.
• We’re not sure how they will win and what they do in congress.

You can say that there are a lot of people involved in the party list system. But the fact still remains: 7-10 Filipinos are not aware of the party list system. Every party list is polluting the street asking the people for their vote. HOW CAN WE VOTE IF WE DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YOU? Instead of spending money on streamers, spend it on educating the people what is a party list and who are you.

We can blame the COMELEC. Or you can point your finger on the PPCRV (I won’t) but since you’re there willing to spend money to win, at least have it in your conscience to tell us what a party list is.

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