Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bad Move, Smart Move, Dumb Move for the Philippine Elections

Presidential hopefuls are doing everything that they can to one-up each other and draw the attention and care of the voters. They announce their political affiliations, plans and or simply go through an activity to get the attention of everyone.

But doing something for your political gain is not always seen as a good move. Although your intentions are good, the people might see it as a stunt which means it will only hurt your career.

Now for the list:

Bad Move: Chiz Escudero - I always like the guy because of his feisty criticism of the President. I always listen to his interviews because of his straightforward answer. Heck, many (including me) are considering him a strong candidate even though he's just 40 years old!

But his numbers are lately going down largely because of Erap in the picture, Noynoy having that "Obama" phenomenon, Villar spending like rockstar and Teodoro having the backing of the system (hehehe). As a young man facing all these challenges what can he do? Unfortunately, he opted to bolt out from the platform that helped him succeed: his political party.

Tip: You stay in your party Sir because people still care about loyalty.

Smart (and Scary) Move: I say scary because I've seen this before. Secretary Teodoro, amidst this brouhaha in Philippine politics is as calm as the morning cooking oil. He also has commercials on radio and television but the volume is not that much that he can be beaten by Secretary Puno (and he claims they do things in silence).

What made me choose the guy for the smart category is the fact that he uses the "Karambola" technique: Let everyone duke it out and stay aside because everyone will die in the process and you become the survivor.

The scary part: he has the President at his side and has the Ramos pre-election vibe.

(Rumored) Dumb Move: Senator Villar courting celebrities as Vice President. I was about to place the guy in a pedestal for the dumb move of choosing a celebrity. Fortunately, latest rumor is that he might end up with Loren Legarda as the VP.

Tip: Sir, No matter what happens, don't go for celebrities. You already knew what happened last elections.

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