Monday, November 02, 2009

Midnight Madness (DZMM DZRH and DWIZ)

Midnight Madness

I don't sleep well during the night which works wonders for my small office work and my ability to gather news. Thanks to the internet, I can gather as many news as I can not only in text but also in audio. Radio stations in the Philippines are now offering live audio streaming of their shows to attract more listeners outside the country.

The following are good stations that will keep you company during the night:

DZMM (630) - the official AM station of ABS-CBN. This station is home of the most popular broadcasters in the country and they don't joke around when it comes to selecting people for night shift. Midnight during weekdays features Amy Peres (is it Perez?) (he actress) wherein she plays songs and provides messanges good for the heart. The show is followed by the same format but hosted by a guy.

DZRH - this is the first midnight station that I love to listen to. When midnight strikes, the feisty Dating Daan program lasts for one hour. You can listen to "vintage" Eli Soriano duke it out to answer every question imaginable on the bible. After the "Dating Daan" the legendary Manny Val will be the master of the show from 2AM to 4AM. This show is very informative because he holds debates, takes DBK (Digital Bolang Kristal) on certain days and provide commentaries on the government.

DWIZ (882) - I stumbled upon the show of Percy Lapid (Lapid Fire) one night. While looking for a station to listen, I accidentally heard someone shouting and swearing like a sailor. From that time on, I was hooked. His show now lasts for an hour and a half because of popular demand. Every Monday morning he also invite his friends over for music jamming. After his show, Direk Anthony Taylor provides music and "vibes" for the caller.

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