Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Some Tidbits on the Local Elections in 2010

I will be voting for the first time in another town - specifically in the city. I'm sad that I have to leave my hometown to vote in the city but excited since this is the first time the automated voting process will be used.

Anyway, what I'm also riled up is that the local election here in Iloilo City is heating up. As of this writing, Mayor Jerry Treñas has just announced his bid to run for Mayor. This means he will be running against Raul Gonzales, Jr. - the son of former Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales, Sr. who I believe will be running for mayor. Rumor has it that the Sr's wife will also run for congress through party list. Talk about legacy.

Anyway, Vice Mayor Jed Mabilog has already announced his bid for the Mayor position. This means he will be running against the former Justice Secretary. For an outsider, this might be a one-sided race but believe me; Jed Mabilog is like a rock star here. He is a blend of traditional politician but can entice the crowd more than Michael Buffer.

But the best part is that no one is affiliated with anything yet. There are other players: Former Mayor Malabor, Undersecretary (what's his name?), Dr. Plagata, Councilor Baronda and even Councilor Perla Zulueta. Everyone is playing the waiting game. The mud slinging has not started yet (at least on Mayor Treñas) but I think come December, things will get nasty. But it should be fun for everyone to hear.

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